ECO Magyarország Ltd.

Our company offers complete logistics solutions in the Central European market, covering the entire supply chain.

Your solid background


The ECO Hungary Logistics Ltd. was established in autumn 2009 with the contribution of English professional investors. The establishment of the company was based on the opportunities offered by Hungary’s ideal location. Later, the company became 100% Hungarian-owned, preserving its professional background.

Our company offers a complete logistics solution for the Central European market. Our resources and capacity allow us to serve the entire supply chain.


Initially, we specialized in the storage of food, nutritional supplements and products related to a healthy lifestyle, but recognizing the needs of the market, we have greatly expanded the range of our services. Thus, the storage of almost any product type can be solved with us today.

Professional team

To properly manage individual or special products, we provide trainings for our staff to ensure reliable services to our partners in each sector.

Environment-friendly logistics

We prefer suppliers and subcontractors who use environmentally friendly technology and environmentally friendly raw materials during production and manufacturing.

Biodegradable or recycled packaging materials are preferred in our operations.

We prefer to use vehicles with the lowest possible emissions.

Waste is collected selectively and handed over to a specialized waste collection and processing subcontractor..

We minimize paper usage in our warehousing and administrative processes.

Contact us:

+36 70 372 3997