Ecolog fulfillment

Webshop logistics

We offer stock warehousing, order processing, and proper packaging for your products.


Entrust us with the complete logistics tasks of your web store and the delivery of orders. We provide favorable shipping rates both domestically and abroad. In addition, we offer a number of e-commerce logistics solutions and complete logistics background.

As part of the our fulfillment service, we provide stock warehousing, order processing, and proper outer packaging for the products. In addition, the status of your orders can be tracked, so we help you have returning and satisfied customers.

Why choose us?

Outsourced webshop logistics has several advantages:

You can save time

We perform logistics tasks related to the fulfillment of orders on your behalf.


There is no need for your own or rented warehouse and no extra labor is required.


With predictable costs, you can plan your store’s finances better and more efficiently.

Elements of the service

You can take advantage of the full package or choose from individual services as you see fit.


Whether you need a shelf or more storage capacity, you can always count on us. In addition to high-level storage, a small-shelf storage system has also been set up, thus providing an opportunity for efficient storage of smaller types of goods. Incoming goods are inspected and handled in accordance with the rules.


With our modern and secure interface, orders are automatically transferred to our system, so you do not have to transfer any data manually. In addition, we provide access to the online inventory and order management interface, where you can check inventory and order status at any time.

Order processing

We prepare the shipment according to the incoming individual orders: we place the products in secure packaging, enclose the invoice and other documents if necessary.

Product handling

Upon request, we carry out quality control, sorting, labeling, special packaging or repackaging of the products. We attach instructions for use or other information materials to the products, and we provide special packaging and storage facilities.

Receipt of goods

Upon receipt, we perform itemized inspection and identification of incoming goods. We check the shipping documentation and take the goods in stock. If necessary, we also carry out customs clearance of imported goods.


We undertake 24-hour and 48-hour delivery throughout Hungary. Buyers will be automatically notified of the arrival of the package.

Cash On Delivery

We provide the option for the buyer to pay the total amount of the order upon receipt. We will transfer the amounts collected at a frequency appropriate to you and prepare an itemized statement of these transactions.

Return logistics

Shipments that have failed to be delivered or the recipient has refused to accept the package will be returned to our warehouse and we will notify you immediately. In addition, we perform administrative tasks related to returns.


You can easily download reports, lists and statements from the online inventory and order management system.

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