Green logistics

We offer personalized and environmentally friendly logistics solutions while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Our logistics and distribution base is located next to the M5 motorway, in a modern Logistics Park that satisfies all professional needs.

Our logistics and distribution center is located next to the M5 and our facilities can be found in modern Business Park meeting all professional requirements. In our warehouse we can offer a wide range of solutions, such as the storage of standard commodities or high value products demanding additional provision. The handling of the ADR goods of our partners is performed in one of the most modern warehouses of dangerous goods in Europe.

We employ HACCP certified storekeepers, who receive an ongoing training, so the gained knowledge can be updated regularly and developed in accordance with the requirements.

We are able to handle the B2B and the B2C business requirements as well.

In order to store smaller sized products, beyond the high racking we also operate small shelved storage systems. Storage of cooled merchandise is also available for goods requesting special treatment. 24/7 security control is assured by a professional protection company. The store-house is fully visible through the closed chain video system saving all recordings made in digital format.

Against the possible damages caused by incidental fire cases the latest version of Sprinkler system had been set up. Under specified conditions found in our contract we offer a commodity insurance for the stored resources of our customers, which constitutes a quid pro quo for the loss in case of any damage. With our modern equipments – fulfilling all requirements – you will be able to work precisely and safely. Our storage operating software satisfies all logistical needs (recording of manufacturing numbers, expiry date control, FIFO or FEFO upon request, product recall, barcode storage system, EDI connections, web access if needed etc.)

Web store fulfillment

Entrust the complete logistics tasks of your web store and the delivery of orders to an experienced “fulfillment” service provider. We provide favorable shipping rates both domestically and abroad. In addition, we offer a number of e-commerce logistics solutions and complete logistics background.

We offer stock warehousing, order processing, and proper shipping packaging for the products. In addition, the status of your orders can be tracked, so we help you have returning and satisfied customers.


We perform logistics tasks related to the fulfillment of orders on your behalf. This gives you more time for other tasks related to your web store, such as marketing and other developments.

You do not need your own or rented warehouse, nor do you need to employ extra manpower to perform packaging, labeling, and other administrative tasks related to delivery.

With predictable costs, you can better and more efficiently plan your web store finances and cash flow.

Domestic distribution

Our services include the delivery of packages, standard pallet goods and ADR products. With small-package deliveries, we offer our customers a fast, efficient and thus more cost-effective solution.

For the distribution of goods handled on pallets we also offer a nationwide network on vehicles equipped with temperature controlled cargo hold, thus ensuring the adequate transportation and the quality of goods requiring special heating or cooling.

70% of our vehicles have tail lift and are HACCP certified because of the shipping of food. The distribution of the ADR goods is performed by qualified vehicles and drivers.

According to the needs of our customers, distribution is done within 24 or 48 hours. Upon request we can also provide cross-dock operation.

International transport

We offer a solution to our clients to handle their import shipments by air, sea and even ground shipping.

We make these options available regarding the export shipments as well to Europe or overseas.

Customs brokerage services

Bonded and VAT warehouse solutions

With our dedicated brokerage team and the onsite officers of the local Customs Office we can offer a fast electronic customs clearance both for export and import.

We operate bonded- and VAT warehouses for our partners, that make the delayed payment of the common charges possible, and we can store goods originating from third country under bond and transit-forward them to non-EU destinations.

Value added services

Our company also provides value-added services, such as packaging, labeling or other controlling tasks, in order to increase the marketability and the value of the products, and to satisfy other special needs of our partners.


Upon request according to sample we prepare any type of label, carrying out the adequate placement of the labels too.


We offer shrink sealing, products- and display assemblies and blister-packing according to the ideas and plans of our customers. We also have experience in making small-, medium- and big-volumed promotion- and multipacks.

Quality control

When receiving the goods we can perform any type of quality and quantity check required by our clients. The simple external inspection (including the surface and construction) or more detailed quality controls (for example testing of electric appliances and functional operations), installation of programs and upgrades are performed by our professionals.

Other services

For our current partners we also offer special services as placements of tags, etiquettes and inserting operating instructions, special packaging, purchasing of supplies, affixing etiquettes and customer service.

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